Kitchen Sundays - Coconut Cupcakes

Happy Sunday, folks!

The weekend is over, but my weeks have been flying by so quickly that shortly it will be Friday.
I had a great weekend with friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time and it was full of laughs & mini adventures.

I also made the most delicious coconut cupcakes for my friend Amanda's Birthday (Happy Birthday!). These cupcakes make me look like a hero because everybody loves them! 

I was given the recipe from a very talented lady named Julia. It is a cake recipe from a bakery and to my surprise (& disappointment) they use a cake mix along with many other things to create this sweet little cake.  Cake mixes are tasty, but I feel like if you own a bakery and you use a cake mix that it is kind of cheating... Maybe?

I toasted some coconut to top off my little cakes and used an easy icing which consisted of icing sugar, butter, milk and coconut extract.



P.S. I made this recipe into a cake last weekend for a photo shoot with Julia and Her Piano and you'll hopefully be seeing those photos this week! 

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  1. those were certainly darn good cupcakes!
    can you send me some pics of my party...I don't think I took any! :(