Kitchen Sundays - Carrot Cake

Once upon a time I started a food blog called Kitchen Sundays where I would post about foods and take pictures of whatever I had whipped up that day. I have decided to bring Kitchen Sundays back, under this blog! I hope you enjoy the photos and it inspires you to try something new or gets you back into the kitchen.

Today I made Garden Fresh Carrot Cake.
I am lucky to have a friend that has a garden to feed handfuls of people. Although these carrots were a unusually shaped, they were nothing but delicious! 
I used this recipe and it is ever so easy to make. The maple-cream icing is to LIVE FOR! To make things easier, I peeled the carrots then popped them into my food processor to shred. I don't use the food processor all that often, but it's a lifesaver when I do need it!
What did you make today?


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